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     15% Off sale for Thanksgiving through Saturday 11-29-2014.                            Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Home of the revolutionary Custom Hand made Hoop-It-All embroidery hoops, our world-renowned SIA adhesive backed tear-away stabilizer Dry Cover up and more
You will love how you can simply lay your fabric on our SIA embroidery stabilizer that adheres to the back of each Hoop-It-All frame so you don't have to stretch the fabric! If you can fit the item underneath the machine's foot - you can embroider it! Lay items anywhere within the hoop's sewing area and never have the needle gum up! 
Embroider items like baseball caps, quilts, hats, visors, edge of collars, cuffs, dog collars, belts, bags towels and even entire jacket backs! Embroider on velvet, courderoy, velour, terry cloth and leather without the frustrating hoop marks. Your hands won't hurt! With our Multi-Field hoops you can embroider up to 16 sewing fields in a single hooping! If you have an older machine and can't find accessories for it, we care!

Magnets are NOT used on any of our Hoops

                       Shipping times vary depending on availability of the item. All kits are custom made to order.

 Hoop-It-All embroidery stabilizers are the #1 choice among professionals found at www.hoopitall.com

   Hoop It All embroidery frames eliminate hooping, hoop marks, stretching and fabric distortion www.hoopitall.com


15% Off sale for Thanksgiving through Saturday 11-29-2014. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Details inside.

Posted On: Tuesday, November 25, 2014

15% Off sale for Thanksgiving through Saturday 11-29-2014. Happy Thanksgiving to all!.......Please note that a lot of Hoop it All products are custom made by hand and will be made as fast as possible read more...