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 Hoop-It-All Hoops.
Our hoops are engineered stronger than your machine's hoops, easy on your hands and save you time and money by eliminating the tedious re-hooping process.

Due to the large number of makes and models of embroidery machine hoops we offer, your hoop may not be in stock. We custom make everything here in Our shop and are happy to take your special order and custom make your frame! Because our products are custom made and we may not have one to ship, shipping times can vary. We try to keep our normal shipping on orders to 1 to 3 days on medium and Large hoops unless we are notified otherwise for a desired expedited shipment. Custom kits not in stock can take up to 2 weeks or more to be made. Actual delivery date depends on availability to complete the particular kit. 

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After selecting a manufacturer you will be taken to a list of their machines. Then select a machine from the list to see hoops for that machine.

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Hoop Information


We offer different styles of Hoops to help you embroider the most effective way. Be sure to check out the different styles listed below and once you know which one you want, go to your machine brand on the HOOPS  page.

Hoop-It-All Name
Medium --------------------------------------------> Medium (single-field frame)
Big & Big Multi-Purpose -----------------------> Large (single-field frame)
Giant-L  & Super Giant-L ----------------------> 2 to 3 Sewing fields long (multi-field frame)
Double Wide (for Janome 10,000 only) --> 2 Sewing fields wide (multi-field frame)
Super Double Wide & Giant R8 -------------> 4 or 8 Sewing fields (multi-field frame)
Square  & Quilter's Square & Giant --------> 4 sewing fields making a Square (multi-field frame)

These changes are to make it easier for you to know what the frame offers.

Hoop Styles:

 - Small / Medium and Big / Large hoops that also allow you to Embroider on Baseball Caps

 - Multi Field Frames - Eliminate Re-Hooping

 - See how we Trick your machine into allowing you to use frames that are 2 times wider than your hoops


 Mounting Brackets:

 - Bracket Compatibility Chart

 - Mega Bracket for Bernina artista 200 & 730, 630, 640 aurora 430, 440, 450  machines only

 - Bonus Bracket for Bernina artista 200 & 730, 630, 640 aurora 430, 440, 450  machines only


 Support Tables:

 - Standard Table for Super Giant Long hoops

 - Deluxe Tables for Quad Frames

 - One Piece Tables for smaller Quad & Double Frames

Free Frames and Hoop it All hoops

How do HIA hoops work & what makes them Unique?

Instead of using the old-syle 2 ring hoops, we have invented (and patented) a one piece Frame with Mounting Bracket, that is made to solve many common Embroidery problems. It is easier to hoop the fabric and we are not troubled by seams, zippers, buttons and pockets as your factory hoops are. The factory hoops are very hard on the hands when pressing the 2 ring hoops, fabric and stabilizer together. We have less problem aligning the fabric, avoiding stretching and distortion. Our system also avoids permanent hoop marks on the fabric. Our Hoops are made of special plastic to properly adhere to an adhesive-backed stabilizer that sticks on the back of the hoop frame, with easy removal.

Our system makes it possible to embroider almost everything. Some of our Multi-Field frames allow larger sewing fields ( up to 12", 14" 16" wide) than the factory original hoops. They have a sliding mounting bracket that  allow you to embroider in huge sewing fields, such as Quilt Blocks  without rehooping, saving you time, difficulty and giving you better quality results. including dog collars, baby socks, cuffs, shirt collars, belts, webbing, garments, jacket backs, sport bags, dash board covers, etc.

We also make Cap/ Hat Frames, and like all our hoops they use SIA to hold your project in place while you embroider. What these frames have that hoops don't, is a clamp that can be used for holding baseball caps in place and other difficult ltems. The clamp for the Cap Bill can also be used to secure belts, bags and other similar items that need extra means to hold it during embroidery.

If you use SIA on the back of your original factory hoop, you will have difficulty removing the adhesive-backed stabilizer without leaving a coating of adhesive on your hoop. Our frames are engineered with trade secret materials that allow easy removal of our SIA / Stick and Tear.

 SIA / Stick and Tear is easier to use and offers better results than using the 2 ring hoops that came with your machine. Sia  reduces the fabrics tendency to pucker and distort. We sometimes combine it with an iron tear away stabilizer to further enhance the quality of embroidery. We have also invented other unique stabilizers for your benefit found under stabilizers on our site.

----- With special embroidery software you can embroider designs larger than your machine’s embroidery field. You can place these oversized designs anywhere you desire within the hoop frame. (open the attachment to see 4-part illustration showing this process.) There are several software products available that split  these oversized designs into the proper size for your machine. This allows you to then embroider these designs in sections, like piecing a puzzle together. Once the embroidery is completed and all pieces are sewn, it appears as if you embroidered a huge design with your machine all at once. Our Sliding Rail system allows infinite positioning on a side. After the first side is embroidered, the Hoop is rotated and the opposite side is completed  The 2 or 3 position hoops require special factory software . Our Hoops allow any design to be used with software that has  CUSTOM HOOP SIZING. You might ask your dealer which splitting software programs are best for you and your machine.

Creative Feet LLC, is the manufacturer and offers support to our dealers.  Consumers should contact their local dealer for demonstration, training and purchase. Our dealer List  will provide their contact information.. We have a forums section of the website to allow us to give our consumers additional support.

Also many questions about our products can be answered by visiting the hoop information tab on this page.