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Brother PR 600, 1, 2, PR 620, PR 650 Hoops

Brother PR 600, 1, 2, PR 620, PR 650

Below is our list of hoops that we carry for the Brother PR 600, 1, 2, PR 620, PR 650.

To learn more or if you have questions about the hoops that fit on this machine, please contact us.

Quilter's Square Hoop Kit -PR 600, 14" x 14" Sewing Field uses 16" SIA

This is the Giant Square Hoop for your machine That includes 2 sliding Mounting Brackets. By rotating the hoop in 90 degree increments four times, you can fill the entire 14" sewing field. If you rotate the hoop frame 180 degees, the width will be normal but you can embroider 14" vertically. If you are unsure how it works, view the free video clip on our home and EDUCATION page. For more information on our Double Wide Square Hoop product line visit our For more info check out our hoop information section.

Package Contents: Hoop frame, 2 Sliding Mounting Brackets, SIA Stabilizer sample, template, and instructions.

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